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One of the most important decisions in the designing process is choosing the fabric. At iluut we prefer the following innovative and natural fibers: 




An Austrian, awarded eco fiber, which is made of wood pulp in close loop -production. That means the solvent used is almost 100 % recycled. Fully biodegradable. 

Used in the following products:

Shirt dress

Linen - also known as flax


Natural fibre which grows also in Europe. Known for it's low water and energy consumption. 100 % biodegradable or recyclable material.

Used in the following products:

White shirt   Dotted shirt   Square shirt



Natural fibre which goes through a pretty short production cycle - for example polyester has longer one. Very comfortable on the skin. Biodegradable.

Used in the following products:

Shirt dress   White shirt   Dotted shirt   Square shirt    Shirt/YOOX


 iluut sustainable fashion materials: wool

Wool is very versatile natural fibre which can be worn both in summer and winter. When the sheep are treated well (muelesing-free), it's such a great material to use!  

Used in: For Top, Skirt, Trousers and Party dress in FW17 capsule collection for